About Us

Thank you for expressing your interest in collaborating with SBK Creative; where the story inside of you is brought to life with complete discretion.


We Are Your Creative Doula

Every story starts with an idea, a seed, planted deeply within the recesses of the mind. From there, it develops into a fuller vision that grows so big, it can barely be contained. Often, manifesting that brilliant idea onto the pages of a book can be a labored process. This is where we come in.

SBK Creative is a your personal, creative doula. We are wholly dedicated to bringing your story to the world, we will support you in every way,  every step of the way, throughout your storytelling journey. Our talented team of creatives make self-publishing easy by providing writing, editing, production, and marketing services within one agency. 

If you’re just getting started and not quite sure where to begin, you’ve come to the “write” place. We will guide you through the conception of and idea to a painless delivery onto bookshelves worldwide. Our Chrysalis Program offers a fully inclusive, collaborative development process specifically tailored to your unique needs. 

The gestational period of your brilliant idea is nearing its end. It is time to birth your story into existence and we are the helping hands that deliver.